Circus Costumes

Do you dream of being the ring leader, in control of the entire big top show? Well, step right up and browse our collection of circus costumes, perfect for an entertaining Halloween evening. If you have ever considered leaving all of your responsibilities behind and joining the circus, this is a great way to you to experience that sense of adventure. Dress up like a clown, lion tamer, acrobat, or the ring master him (or her) self. The circus is all about performing amazing and impossible feats for the delight of the audience in the ring. Eye catching costumes help spectators identify the roles of the performers and make the show even more spectacular.

Catch everyone's attention dressed as a clown in a colorful outfit and elaborate face paint. Oversized clothing in bright colors is typical of these prank playing performers, as is elaborate face paint. Funky wigs large shoes complete the look. All kinds of clown costumes can be seen at the circus, including sexy ones with short skirts and more feminine styles. You will be the center of attention this Halloween in a ringmaster or mistress costume. Both the male and female versions usually feature a top hat, black boots, and gloves. A red tailcoat and vest is often worn by the master while the ring mistress might wear a jacket and dress. Accessories like a cane or whip are common for use controlling animals in the ring.

Kids look so cute dressed as circus animals! Dress them up in a an elephant, lion, or pony costume that they will love. Animals have always been a main circus attraction. Ferocious lions are tamed, and ponies and elephants do tricks and synchronized dances along with performers to the general amazement of the crowd.

Come one, come all, step right up and order the most spectacular circus costume on earth! You don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

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