Cleopatra Costumes

Cleopatra costumes are the epitome of beauty and power. A stunning Pharaoh adorned in gold, capable of mesmerizing even the greatest rulers with her looks and poise, she became one of the most notable women in history. Her life has been the inspiration of many books and movies. Who can ever forget Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as Cleopatra and Marc Antony? Who could ever forget the amazing costumes! Elaborate and ornate gowns and golden Egyptian headdresses called nemes, Egyptian collars and exotic details make up our own selection of Cleopatra costumes.

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Cleopatra was a self-proclaimed goddess. She was the ruler of Egypt and created a fateful bond between Egypt and Rome with the affairs and the children she had with both Caesar and Marc Antony. She was regarded for her beauty as well as her charm. It was said that she could use the two to influence men of power in her favor. Wouldn't it be nice to have that power, even if just for Halloween Day?

Some of the most elite Cleopatra costumes feature satin gowns, jeweled collars, beaded headpieces, robes, capes and more. Enhancing them with gold arm cuffs, bracelets and sandals give them the look of ancient Egyptian royalty, just what like the real Queen of the Nile would have worn. These ensembles are made in girls and womens sizes as well as sexy and plus size styles. If you have a special man that you think of as your king, the two of you can go to your Halloween party as Cleopatra and Marc Antony...or Liz and Richard, as Cleo and Marc.

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