Clone Trooper Costumes

In some of the Star Wars movies, Darth Vader didn’t always have his little army of black and white Storm Troopers. In fact, he cloned them. In turn, the Clone Troopers were born. Just like their parent trooper, the goal was the same: hunt down the Jedi and take them prisoner for their dark leader. Anyone under the Rebellion, that is, would be killed. You can now take a chance at being one of the powerful and loyal Clone Trooper in costumes for adults and children. These prices are the best in the galaxy, so take a look at all that we have in stock.

Fly your way through the galaxy and join the dark side with Clone Trooper costumes for all ages. Collectors and Star Wars buffs alike will enjoy the collectible we have for sale – a clone trooper mask on a base. Children will love being the intimidating Clone Troopers as they can choose from Commander Cody or Leader Rex if they have a favorite. Don’t forget we offer light sabers and blasters to help keep the rest of the galaxy in line always! Get on your death star go to a galaxy far, far away with these amazing Clone Trooper Costumes from the Star Wars franchise.

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