Clown Accessories

When people are upset and feeling down its time to cheer everybody up and dress like a funny fool. The clown accessories can help you achieve your ultimate goal and have everyone cracking up at your buffoonery. Oversize glasses and bright makeup will make your disguise a hit. Even the ladies can become circus cuties with rainbow wigs and sexy fishnet gloves and leggings from our collection. Just like a clown's nonstop handkerchief, our selection goes on and on.

Giant red afro wigs are essential to letting everyone know what type of business you're conducting and no clown costume is complete without an outrageously large pair of wacky jumbo shoes. Suspenders and a rainbow bow tie really make your look come alive, but the one thing you simply can not forget to sport as a jester is the big, red clown nose. Apparel is just the beginning of this act. Classic comedy props have to be included when you're administering a healthy dose of humor to a crowd and we can help with giant fake cigars and loud horns. With one squirt of water from your seemingly harmless flower, and a hysterical monologue with your rubber chicken, and people will fall out of their seats laughing.

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