Boys Colonial Costumes

The most important decision made by our founding fathers to be become a free and democratic nation. The USA is founded on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that is one of the first history lesson learn in elementary school. To portray a significant person in history, whether it is a president, a soldier or a symbolic character is a privilege. Boy's patriotic and historic costumes enable your child bring these people back to life and present them with good old American pride.

Dressing up in patriotic costumes is sometimes required for school but you should tell your child that it can also be fun. Armed with a bit of knowledge of what life was like for our founding fathers could give a young boy plenty of scenarios for imaginative adventures. So could being the king of the wild frontier for that matter. Those bygone days shaped our nation and we will never forget. On a lighter and more entertaining side of patriotism, a man named James Montgomery Flagg created a character called Uncle Sam as the image for Army recruitment posters after the Civil war and since then, the character has become a symbol of American government. Boy's wearing the Uncle Sam red, white and blue coattails would be a fine sight to see on Independence Day.

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