Colonial Womens Costumes

If you really want to feel powerful, choose a historic costume based on a women from American History. Long before Hilary Clinton was around women have been making their mark in the political world either as leaders or the notorious wives of leaders. As far back as Marie Antoinette powerful women have been paving the way for the progress. Wear a women's historic or patriotic costume this year and be an All American woman.

These outfits can be used to be many historical characters ranging from average colonial women to a wealthy politician's wife. For example, our women's Colonial outfits are great if you want to portray townsfolk from the 1700s-1800s or be Martha Washington. A Native American dress from the same era also falls into the historic/patriotic category. Other patriotic looks symbolize icons of The United States of America like the Betsy Ross and the Statue of Liberty Costume. What is more, we also have a collection of French and British historical outfits such as Maria Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth. Historic styles are appropriate for any age to use in celebrations, presentations, parades, plays and more. Purchase your costume for 4th of July and wear it again on Halloween to get more bang for your buck.

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