Cowgirl Costumes

If you are tired of always being a princess, a cop or ballerina every year, then why not try something a little different. With ourcowgirl Halloween costumes, you can show your appreciation of horses while still looking like a diva. Can you see yourself rounding up cows or shooting guns with the roughest and toughest guys of the Midwest? Or perhaps you are more of a frilly pink wearing show girl. Don't worry about sizes because we have them all. We even have sizes to fit you and your little girl if you wanted to look like a matching pair.

If you need to go to a show or have a Halloween part in a play, we have authentic attire from the 1860's that will make any cattle herder jealous. A typical cowgirl attire will include, fringe on the skirts and also on the matching vest. If you look at some of our ensembles with pants, you can expect caps that will complement its theme. Take your pick of having a suit that includes a hat or maybe a gun slinging belt.

Now that you have picked out your outfit, can you envision yourself in the Wild West. Having shout outs, riding after bad guys, or maybe even robbing a bank or two. Can you see the dust in the air, the smell of horses and the feel of genuine leather. With our cowgirl suits on you will want to move out to Texas and leave the cold city streets behind.

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