Despicable Me Costumes

Becoming the world's greatest super villain is a difficult task to accomplish, but it's made several times easier with the right kind of wacky help. The Despicable Me Costumes come in a variety of different characters from this hit animated film. Gru, the protagonist, is available to dress up as and so are the many minions he calls family. You'll be able to satisfy that craving of becoming a silly minion.

Speaking of the minions, we have costume in a variety of styles and for all ages. For men, women, and children, we offer minion costumes that are designed to be overalls and yellow shirts that include goggles. Other than those, we also have lightweight and big tunics that are in the shape of the dumpy minions. Their faces are featured on these costumes, as are their blue overalls. Gru and his younger daughter Agnes will also be popular costume choices for this theme. These outfits are designed to be faithful to the look of the characters in the film, so all you'll need to do is practice getting their wacky personalities just right. By the end of the night you'll be tired out from all the running around and screaming different lines of dialogue from the movie.

As one of the most popular animated movies in recent times, it would be great to get your entire family in on the theme. Despicable Me costumes are one of the few matching costume ideas you can get everyone to agree upon.

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