Disney Villains Costumes

No one makes being bad look quite so good as Disney villains can. Without their scheming, the stories of our childhood classics would be stale and uninteresting. It's their intrusion that shakes up the heroes' perfect worlds and forces them to become better than they are. Show some love for your big baddies with these costumes for Halloween. If you're a go-getter with a passion for fashion, you could be Cruella deVille. Cruella was a driven innovator that would do anything to bring her ideas to life. 101 Dalmation's femme fatale might have had some issues with PETA, but you can't deny that she had some wicked style.

Maybe you're diva with a serious set of lungs. In that case, try on an Ursala costume. The Little Mermaid's sea witch could sweet talk her way out of any situation and grant the wishes of all poor unfortunate souls. Her contracts came with packed fine print, but that doesn't mean she didn't work fair-and-square. If you decide to be her for Halloween, though, you should probably stay away from ships.

If you think revenge is a dish best-served cold, Maleficent is a great choice for you. This leading lady gave Sleeping Beauty her namesake, and demanded respect from everyone around her. If anyone forgot it, she would make sure they'd pay. They'll definitely invite you to the party if you tell them you're coming as Maleficent...as long as it isn't a first birthday party.

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