Doctor Costumes

Is there a doctor in the house? There will be on October 31st! The type of doctor, however is yet to be decided. You can get scrubs that is so realistic that you could pass for a real practitioner. But for the most part, Doctor Halloween costumes have a humorous or scary twist.

For toddlers, physician costumes can be an important part of the learning process. You can find them in the playtime area of preschools and kindergartens, always available for children to put on for some pretend time. They can learn about what a surgeon does and help alleviate their fear of going for a visit.

For kids, they can take the white coats and give it a scary twist. The zombie doctor is the classic example, featuring a scrubs with bloody, decaying accents. Standard lab coats and surgical scrubs are also available in children's sizes.

Adult Doctor costumes offer the widest variety. Humorous lab coats featuring funny names like Dr. Howie Feltersnatch, Gynocologist or Dr. Harry Fingerman, Proctologist always crack people up. Styles jackets featuring fillable syringes for dolling out shots to your "patients" are also a crowd pleaser. If only all physicians were this much fun to be around. And of course, scary zombie nurse and doc outfits for adults make it a true Halloween costume because, after all, some people are afraid of seeing them.

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