Dorothy Costumes

There is nothing more wondrous than taking a trip down the yellow brick road in one of our Dorothy Costumes. No matter what age you are one time or another you dreamed of becoming Dorothy and going on a magical adventure to find the Wizard of Oz. If you still hold that dream close to heart, then why not make it come true this Halloween with any one of our many ensembles.

Remember how enchanting the adventure down the yellow brick road was? Traveling with her friends the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion to find the Wizard so he could send her back home and all the while the Wicked Witch of the West lurking around every corner to steal her ruby slippers! If so, then you'll love going on a journey of your very own in one of these getups. Although we have Dorothy dresses in a variety of styles, each one has the same look with the blue and white gingham pattern all over it. We have outfits for children, for adults, plus size ensembles and even sexy outfits as well. We even have wicker baskets, stuffed toy Toto dogs, and ruby slippers to accessorize any number of these outfits with!

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