Dracula Costumes

With the popularity of series such as True BloodTwilight and The Vampire Diaries, our fascination with the immortal who feed on the blood of living creatures, is never ending. So this Halloween, why not go as the granddaddy of them all and wear a Dracula costume! But was or is he real, or is he a legendary mythical being? As the story goes - Vlad, or Dracula, as he was commonly known, was born in 1431 to a noble family in Transylvania. His father was called Dracul, meaning dragon or devil in Romanian because he belonged to the Order of the Dragon. Dracula means son of Dracul. When put together, it becomes "son of the dragon" or "son of the devil," and this is where many believe the legend of Dracula as a vampire began.

It was his reign as a merciless military prince that set the foundation for Bram Stoker's classic gothic horror story - Dracula. It has been the basis for numerous films, plays and television shows, as the popular impression of Dracula runs the gamut from horrific vampire to pure comic relief. His most distinctive features were his black and red high collared cape, top hat, and vest, all captured in many of the costumes we have featured here on our site. Who could forget those eyebrows; that slicked back hairstyle, or deathly pale complexion? Be sure to add one of our make-up kits to make you look more authentic. And while you're at it, don't forget to check out our blood supply to make your look even more frightening. Now who doesn't want to be this guy?!

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