Easter Accessories

Planning or participating in an Easter pageant or parade becomes an amazing experience when you get into the spirit of the event by dressing in Easter costumes and matching accessories. Easter accessories are just as important as the costume. Actually, accessories are what put the finishing touches on your costume, giving it an authentic look. This Easter, you can get all the accessories you need for any religious play or Easter Bunny event.

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Passion plays reenact the events leading up to and including the death and resurrection of Christ. Men who portray citizens, apostles and Roman soldiers have an assortment of accessories they can purchase such as armor and swords for the soldiers and wigs & beards for the apostles. We also sell the appropriate footwear. Addition religious Easter accessories include cross necklaces and authentic rosary beads.

On the non-religious side, Easter accessories as related to the Easter Bunny include items like bunny ear headbands with matching noses and fluffy tails. There is also a big foam carrot for Peter Cottontail. Other Easter accessories include hollow plastic Easter eggs to fill with goodies and use for an egg hunt. With our Low Price Guarantee, you'll be able to get all the Easter accessories you want because they are so affordable.

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