Biblical Costumes

When looking for religious Easter costumes to wardrobe your Church Easter Pageant you do not need to look further than our website. In addition to the wide and varied selections you will find that are prices are incredibly low. Christian Churches or all denominations can outfit a cast of Roman Emperors, soldiers, apostles, male and female citizens and Mary too.

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Let us start with the Jesus costume because when it comes to Easter costumes, his is the most important of all. The most awe-inspiring costume is the deluxe Jesus costume that comes with the white robe, red shoulder drape, beard and wig with a crown of thorns. Next comes the other members of the passion play - the apostles, the onlookers and both Mary, Jesus' mother and Mary Magdalene. Our biblical or religious Easter costumes features shepherd-like robes and dresses. There are many styles in several colors and sizes.

Other important characters in the passion play are the Roman Soldiers and Pontius Pilate. As a Roman soldier, you play a vital role in the trial and suffering that lead to Christ's death. It is a serious part to play and requires a biblical Easter costume with realistic features. The man portraying Pontius Pilate can wear one of our Roman togas or a Caesar costume.

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