Boys Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

Before buildings were assembled and before every road led to Rome, people marveled over the giant pyramids of Egypt. You were not only a king, but a Pharaoh. A pharaoh was the name given to a king and meant that you were the son of the god Ra. Assist your son in his reign of all the lands, the sun touches, by gracing his honor with an attire from the Boys Egyptian-Arabian Costumes!

Everyone at the party will be enchanted by your son's presence. When the music begins, he'll get everyone in the room to walk like an Egyptian. He'll show them a whole new world and open their eyes. Take them wonder by wonder. This is not a mirage. What you are seeing is completely real. The flying magic carpet may say otherwise, but the genie would agree. Your son will be draped in gold and all the clothing is comfortably fitting. As a God walking amongst the common people, your boy needs to be accessorized with all the jewels, only, fit for a pharaoh. The shine he carries with him will be seen from outer space and make him one of the wonders of the new world. You can easily find these accessories throughout our website. These selection of Middle Eastern costumes are perfect for any Halloween party or a school play that correlates with the getup. Do not wait until each grain of sand has hit the bottom of the hour glass and dress your boy like a god.

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