Plus Size Egyptian/Arabian

This is a collection of plus-sized Egyptian costumes based on clothing styles from the ancient world. You'll find Egyptian and Arabian garment primarily, but there are also Gypsy and genie styles on occasion, too!

The ancient world was very different from the world we know today. There were polytheistic religions with elaborate mythologies, feared and worshiped god-kings and queens that conquered vast territories, and an outlook on the world, reality and human existence that established the foundation of modern knowledge. And even though this was thousands of years ago, humans already had a keen eye for fashion design, which meant there were pretty awesome styles in vogue! Dressing in the garments of the ancients has been a tradition at costume parties and during Halloween for more than a century. Whether it's an Ancient Greek tunica, a Roman toga, Spartan armor, the dark robe of a priest or the flowing, glimmering gowns of royalty, there's something strange and powerful about wearing these outfits, and they look beautiful, to boot! Oddly enough, as popular as these looks are, most costume shops tend not to carry their products in plus sizes. Don't they get bigger customers that have to turn away empty-handed? Don't they realize how difficult it can be for men and women on the larger side to find getups that fit and look great on them?

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