Girls Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

If your little princess is tired of ball gowns and white gloves, but still wants to feel like royalty this Halloween, choose one of these girls Egyptian and Arabian costumes! All of the outfits in this collection are inspired by the clothing worn by ancient Egyptians who lived in a hot climate and needed light, flowing fabrics to keep them cool while they worked and socialized in the sweltering sun.

The white gowns adorned with gold accents that flow to the floor as gracefully as the Nile flows through the desert, elaborate headdresses featuring hissing snakes and falling beads, and decorative collars embellished with gemstones that are included in this assortment will make your daughter feel like Cleopatra! Now that your little Queen of the Nile is dressed to impress, she'll need some accessories fit for a goddess. Snake shaped armbands, gold earrings, crown headpieces, and coin necklaces could also all be found here at discounted prices. Adding strappy sandals will really allow your daughter to walk like an Egyptian while she trick-or-treats or heads to the school Halloween dance. You don't need help from Isis, the Goddess of magic and perfection to make your daughter look like a Pharaoh this October 31st. Any of the ensembles from this selection will make her look like a beautiful hieroglyphic engraved in the pyramid walls come to life! Unlike the gods and goddesses they're inspired by, who head to the afterlife following their death, these designs will vanish forever once they're gone from this page!

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