Mens Egyptian/Arabian

This Halloween, transport yourself back to the thrilling and mysterious era of ancient Egypt! This was a time where pyramids were as commonplace as skyscrapers and the Pharaoh always ran the show. From King Tut to modern day sheiks, you'll can find a large variety of classic and creative men's Egyptian or Arabian costumes in this section.

Ancient Egypt was a magical era of mummies, Cleopatra, impossibly ornate temples, animal gods, all powerful Pharaohs, and booby-trapped treasures deep within pyramid walls. This era's lush history makes it a great place to start when you're planning your Halloween outfit. The demigod ruler known by all as the Pharaoh would be your go-to look. The gold saturated robes and the massive headpiece made it pretty easy for this guy to stand out. It also helped that these leaders were always surrounded by a small army of bodyguards. If you like to travel with your posse, consider being the king of the Nile. In addition to the king, gods like the jackal-headed Anubis or the half man, half falcon Horus also held a strong presence in the everyday life. The sheer volume of folklore and wealth makes this one of the most identifiable eras of civilization ever. Now you can relive these mystical and adventurous times with any of these awesome Egyptian costumes!

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