Sexy Egyptian & Arabian Costumes

Get the sexiest outfits from the hottest lands on earth. With a look from the Arabian sands or the deserts of Egypt, you'll be the best looking woman in any room you step into. There just isn't another girl who can compete with the pinnacle of men's fantasies like you dressed in a harem style Arabian sexy costume!

If you're looking for that irresistible Egyptian look than the only way to go is in the footsteps of Cleopatra herself. What could be more attractive than the woman who was revered as a God? With the look of a Pharaoh you'll have plenty of men at the party begging to be your servant. They just won't be able to look away from such a tight dress with plenty of eye catching gold accents. Of course, the amount of skin you'll be showing won't hurt either. And if you're thinking about bringing an middle eastern flair to the event, go with the kind of Egyptian costume that men can only dream about. You'll be granting all their wishes if you put on the garbs of a Genie! It's a magical kind of outfit that grabs the sight of all the people around you. With a tube top, silk pants and only a thin and transparent body veil to cover the rest of your bare skin, you'll be amazed at how much attention you'll get! Or if you want a more modest look, the allure of an exotic fortune teller will have the boys looking into their future with you!

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