Elf Costumes

Christmas elves are little workers who make toys in the North Pole. They were incorporated in to the story of Santa Claus in the 19th century and are a part of the American Christmas tradition. The look of elves, with their small stature, pointed ears and pointed shoes originates from English folktales. In modern American culture we acknowledge elves to wear red and green outfits with cone shaped hats and pointy shoes with turned-up toes.

They first appears in a book called Christmas Elves by Louisa May Alcott in 1856. The most recent story specifically about a elf is the movie Buddy. In both accounts of Elves, the outfits are quite different. The Buddy the Elf costume is all green with yellow accents whereas other Christmas elf suits are varying combinations of red, green and white.

We sell Santa's helper costumes for adults and kids. Many come in the same style you can dress the whole family in the same outfit. The most popular styles features a red and green tunic with red and green tights underneath. This looks best when you a hat and a pair of curly toed shoes. Another popular style is a green jacket top with a black belt and red pants.

Elf accessories are a vital addition to your outfit. Some come with the elf hat and shoe covers but if your does not, you'll need them. Plus, most of these items are unisex and sized to fit a range of adults so you get just what you need and want.

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