Elvis Costumes

Make sure to dress up as the King of Rock this year, and shimmy up and down the dance floor with these rock star Elvis Costumes. Mr. Presley was one of the most popular singers to hit the stage in the 1920’s! Costume Discounters allows you to fall in love with these costumes all over again, just like your parents did when they saw him perform “Can’t Help Falling in Love” live on TV! Dressing up as Elvis Presley for Halloween doesn’t just mean putting on a big wig of hair, and a snazzy white jumpsuit.

You definitely have to play the part of the King of Rock, and these fun facts will help you in your transformation for the night! Elvis became well known for his body gyrations on the big screen, and hip shaking movements that were deemed a bit inappropriate to the everyday viewer. He became increasingly popular from his live gigs, and the fact that all females melted at the sight of him! His notoriety still stands 40 years after his death, and is the most impersonated performers of all time!

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