Flapper Dresses

Step into the costume time machine and travel to the time of men in suits and women in proper dresses. The time of prohibition and unlimited fun was the 1920’s and flappers were in full force. These women were beautiful, graceful, and always knew how to party. Bring this classy costume to your next party in flapper costumes for women of all personalities. We have different colors and sizes for those who want to feel like they’re in an old movie or popped out of their favorite book!

Red, gold, white, and black are just some of the many dress colors you can choose from to be a flapper this Halloween. Accessories are a flapper’s best friend so be sure to pick some up to complete your timeless transformation. We have headbands to match your dress and shoes and fake cigarettes to remain true to the time. Remember, everyone smoked at that time. Cigarette holders, pearls, and gloves will make you look flirty and fabulous for a timeless costume that will never go out of style.

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