Men's Food & Drink Costumes

Food! Glorious food! Take a bite out of life with any of these Men's Food Costumes. These gourmet outfits playfully riff on classic meals, treats and beverages. Serve up some smiles by rocking any of these light-hearted costume sets. Keep a balanced diet when you wear any of the fun duds in our Men's Fruit and Vegetable costumes section. These food-themed outfits recreate the likenesses of various healthy snacks. Get their tummies rumbling with any of these fun looks. Quench your thirst in style with any of the exciting options with men's drinking costumes for Halloween. These outfits feature some fun and festive flair that is sure to set your festivities off. Become the life of the party with any of these drinking-themed costume choices.

Everyone loves a good celebration. These events are perfect for bringing together all of your friends and blowing off some steam. During these wild get togethers, it is customary to play drinking games. These famous activities include flip cup, beer pong, battle shots and quarters. Now you can commemorate those classic games with these alcohol-themed outfits. These looks include giant flip cup costumes and wearable pong tables. Get the festivities rolling with this variety exciting game-themed looks. Beer has been quenching thirsts for centuries. Now you can commemorate that famous golden liquid with any of these beer-themed outfits. Featured styles include Oktoberfest girls, giant glasses, the famous Duffman, Keg, Captain 6 Pack and classic bartender looks. In addition to those oat sodas, there is a variety of other drinking-themed looks available. These include Dr. Shots, Scotsmen and Tequila Sunrise costumes. Make the night unforgettable with any of these fun looks.

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