Football Costumes

For Halloween, you can be anything you want so it doesn't matter if you're a jock or completely lacking in athletic ability. This year, you'll be a football player! Football costumes make perfect sense. After all, what is on most peoples' minds at the end of October besides Halloween - Football!

Young boys can really get excited about our baller outfit because we carry officially licensed NFL uniforms from eleven of the most popular teams in the NFL. Furthermore, every one of them can be customized with the number of their favorite player. Boys will love them for wearing while trick-or-treating, watching the game or tossing the ball in the backyard with dad.

For adults, NFL costumes are more generic, not representing any actual NFL teams but they convey the love of the sport all the same. Plus, they come in styles for men and women. The men can wear the classic gridiron player style while women can wear a sexy version of the same. Great for any fan regardless of gender and even better for football loving couples.

If you'd rather rule the gridiron, then check out our referee uniforms. Are the sidelines more your thing? A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit is a great way to incorporate a football theme into your Halloween!

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