Frankenstein Costumes

Want to know the truth about Frankenstein? He's much less of a monster than he is a misunderstood creature. Help to pave a whole new image of him by wearing our Frankenstein costumes out on Halloween. Most of these items are designed with that same green skin with stitches look that Frankenstein is so often portrayed as having. Our website contains one of the largest varieties of looks you'll see anywhere on the internet, and we offer versions of this character for babies, kids, and adults.

Mary Shelley invented one of the most terrifying characters of all when she wrote about Dr. Victor Frankenstein's obsession to reanimate someone who died. The doctor is successful and creates a horrifying character the novel only ever refers to as the "creature" or "monster." Thanks to Hollywood, this creature is better known to us as Frankenstein, a terrifying being who roams around the earth. Though we may think that this big green monster is just a brute who wants to harm everyone in its path, this character is truthfully a somber being who doesn't understand why everyone is so afraid of it and doesn't mean to cause harm to anyone. Whether you were inspired by the original novel or one of the many movies based off of it, you can't go wrong with ordering one of our kids' and adults' Frankenstein costumes. Many of these items are based on the classic version, but some of them are more modern takes such as our official Monster High Frankie costume.

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