French Maid

The fantasy of having your wife or lover get all dressed up in a French Maid uniform is is the most popular of all the role-play fantasies ever thought up. We will never know why men find the look so tantalizing but who are we to argue. Our business is to provide as many styles of women's sexy French Maid uniforms as we can find. They are fun for Halloween as well as several that are perfect for romantic fun behind closed doors. Whatever you have in mind, you can't repudiate how drop dead sensuous a women is in the ensemble.

All of our women's sexy French Maid uniforms are black and white. The design is modeled from the customary Nineteenth century housekeeper's uniform. The level of sexiness depends on where and when you will be wearing your costume. There are traditional varieties that make fun outfits for Halloween & very sexy lingerie versions that are best for acting out fantasies with your lover.

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