Men's Funny Costumes

LOL! You will definitely be the life of the party when you show up wearing any of these hilarious outfits! Where you are going to a Halloween party, a wild night out, or a fun cosplay gathering, these humorous costumes for men are sure to be a hit! Why go for clichés, when you can have your friends in stitches with these hilarious outfits!

Whether you want to relive the glory of an infamous film character, or take your prankster game to the next level, these selections are just what you need! Look on these pages to find a plethora of raunchy jokes, goofy getups, light hearted Halloween outfits, TV, movie and video game characters, creative styles and your wild party essentials. Funny costumes, including some R-rated dirty ones, are a great way to stand out and make a unique statement! No matter how wild you want to get, we have a joke ready for you. Your friends will be hysterical when you show up wearing one of these hilarious costumes at the big bash!

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