Ghost Costumes

When most of us grown-ups were children, a ghost costume for Halloween was merely an old white sheet with two holes cut out for eyes. Times sure have changed. Say goodbye to homemade, shapeless ghost cloaks and hello to ghoulish outfits with styles and themes. Apparitions have personalities and so should the costumes.

Now ghost costumes are as detailed as old Victorian couples in ghostly white regalia or as spooky as the ghostface killer from Scream. Themes can mix as well. Take the Haunted Ship Pirate for example. It features ghostly pirate garb and a zombie features, just like the lost souls aboard the Flying Dutchman. When you browse through our selection, you will see that our outfits are not only white outfits with white faces. They have styles with skeleton features too. Any formerly living human who continues to roam the earth in their afterlife is considered a ghost, and they come in many forms as you will see.

If you want a humorous twist on the ghost costume then we recommend you dress up as one of the Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters uniform is from the movie about paranormal experts who go into business catching and disposing of ghosts. Whichever one you pick, it will be the star of the show at Halloween. After all, the holiday was created in their honor.

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