Gorilla Costumes

There may not be a costume for Magilla Gorilla, but there are all sorts of other monkey costumes for sale on our website. Little babies up to plus size men have a gorilla costume just for them. Adults can be a funny primate and get a laugh or a realistic primate and make someone jump so high with fright their head hits the ceiling.

Find The Perfect Gorilla Costume

Gorilla Halloween costumes are hot stuff. Not in the sense that you'll look sexy but because they are fur covered with full head masks. You will definitely want to invest in cool packs or a cool vest if you plan to wear them for more than a couple of hours, especially if it is hot outside.

Imagine scenarios like bringing an ape suit on a camping trip, sneaking into the woods and jumping out while everyone is relaxing in front of a campfire. They'll all think they saw bigftoot! Or perhaps you can go to a Halloween party with a friend - you as the gorilla and your friends as the banana.

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