Horror & Gothic Accessories

You won't have to worry about being able to see your reflection in the mirror because you'll only be imitating a frightening vampire. We have all the blood sucking props and vampire accessories you need to transform into a creature of the night. Take advantage of the horror trend that's in every movie and television show and sink your fangs into this frightful Halloween genre.

Stay away from garlic and crosses when you go out in your Van Helsing garb, unless it's a cool count medallion on a cross choker. And after every person's neck you bite make sure you wipe the fake blood from around your mouth and spit out the capsules it came in. Speaking of teeth, no vampire in complete with deadly fangs to be able to suck the life out of anybody. For the sexy vampiress, you can fly around with bewitching bat wings attachment and a mesmerizing black corset with a haunting collar. All the lovely Gothic jewelry you can put on is ready to be adorned by you, like bat necklaces and ruby red chokers. A blinged out skull cane and a little vamp makeup will wake any Dracula up from that long slumber and and prepare you for a Dracula-inspired night.

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