Greek/Roman Accessories

Travel back in time to the Golden Age of humanity when the Greco-Roman civilizations ruled the world. Gladiators, Grecian goddesses, and Julius Ceasar put you in the mind of the ancients and how they paved the way for modern society and lived so simple at the same time. All of the Greek myths you loved as a kid can be a reality with these awesome Greek and Roman accessories and props.

Go to your next costume party as the fearless Roman guard or gladiator. You'll need lots of armor like chest plates, arm and leg armor, and leather suiting. And you may be good in hand to hand combat, but you will definitely still need a sword and shield with Greco-Roman art designs. Beautiful and flowing Grecian maidens are donned in lovely robes and wear dazzling gold headpieces and helmets on their heads. Gypsies always have on all types of of gold necklaces, armlets, rings, armbands, and earrings that dangle and medallions that shimmer, true to the ancient ladies of Greece and Rome. If you are planning to go dressed as one of the ancient Greeks or Romans then you have to have a pair of strappie brown sandals.

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