Girls Greek/Roman Costumes

Your daughter can look and feel like a Goddess this Halloween thanks to these Girls Greek/Roman Costumes.

The clothing in this collection is inspired by the popular fashions Immortal Deities and citizens from Ancient Greece are depicted wearing in mythological stories, bringing fantasies to life. From child to teen sizes this assortment includes an outfit that girls of all ages are guaranteed to love. These ensembles feature light color schemes, some of which are accented with other colors such as gold, pink or blue to help add interest. Dresses range from knee to floor length, and nearly all come with a connected cape or piece of flowing fabric that can be draped over your daughter's arms in traditional Toga style. The geometric Meander pattern common in Roman clothing is also included in the design of many of these outfits to help add to their realistic aesthetic. Once your daughter has decided which costume she likes best, head to the Accessories page of our site to find items such as gold jewelry, strappy sandals, decorative headpieces and makeup basics that will put the finishing touches on her Grecian look. Not only are these kids Halloween costumes a hit, but they're also great for a school play or community production your little girl has earned a role in. Every time the spotlight finds your child on stage you can be sure the crowd will be impressed with her wardrobe.

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