Green Lantern Costumes

To be a Green Lantern, you must be granted a ring from The Guardians of the Universe. This ring holds the power for you to do anything within your imagination. If you have the will you can make it happen. That is how these brave warriors harness the power to fly, have brute strength, super speed and more. For Halloween, don't wait around for the Guardians to choose you, just shop on our website instead. We will provide you with an assortment of Green Lantern costumes as well as rings and lantern. Become a member of the Green Lantern Corps this Halloween as Hal Jordon, complete with an officially licensed jumpsuit.

Not only are there a wide selection of Hal Jordon Green Lantern costumes but there are also officially licensed options of Corps trainers Sinestro, Kilowog, Tomar Re and Hector Hammond. Some of these even have muscle padding and lite-up features. Boys, teens, men and plus size men too can wear these outfits. In addition, the Sexy Green Lantern jumpsuit is the women's version. With this, everyone can be this tried and true super hero.

Green Lantern is a founding member of The Justice League. The recent movie has given him a big boost in popularity but he has been a longstanding DC Comic book character alongside the likes of Wonder Women and Superman. Make us your online destination for Green Lantern costumes and accessories as well as hundreds of other superhero outfits.

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