Gypsy Costumes

The gypsies are an interesting group of people, a group that has been around for centuries. From their heads to their toes, this group was into music, art, and fashion. With outrageous colors, long skirts, and colorful headwear, the gypsies were constantly unique for their way of life. Be just like those gypsies were and pick up a costume that’s as unique as you are. Women and girls can partake in choosing from a variety of colors and styles to recreate a gypsy’s poise and grace.  

Are you a pink girl? Or is blue more your color? With different gypsy costumes in multiple colors, we can match your dress to your personality. The Adult Bohemian Gypsy Costume is the one for the outgoing woman who wants to make an impression. More laid back people will enjoy cooler colors in the Adult Gypsy moon costume. No matter which gypsy you want to be, you can be sure that accessories will complete your look. Add hand cymbals and a crystal ball for the perfect Gypsy effect!

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