Hairspray & Color

Ladies hate it when they can't look just like their favorite actress or television character, and when the solution is as simple as using hairspray or changing your haircolor, there should be no reason they can't. For a dramatic and drastic change that's not permanent hair spray and color are fast and easy to do yourself. Take your basic black, brown, or blond coif over the rainbow. When you have products like this there is no need for a wig to add that extra umph to your Halloween costume.

Go crazy with our exceptional range of hairspray and hair color to enhance any look whether you're spraying your own locks or adding highlights to your costume wig. Make your fairy outfit more magical by spraying some glitter spray on your head. Capture the essence of punk rock and spray multiple colors in your tresses or go goth with all black. Wicked witches can add that vicious green tint to their crazy tresses and wannabe pop divas can spice up a show with all red. And for the girls who aren't crazy about colored spray we offer clip-in hair extensions that come in a wide variety of colors. Or you can wash in a semi-permanent dye if you want your look to last a little bit longer.

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