Hippie Costumes

If feeling good is good enough for you, then you'll get a cosmic kick out our Hippie Costume selection. Inspired by the timeless look of the free loving, good-time-chasing flower children of the 60s, these outfits are stylish, comfortable, and will make your Halloween one mind bending experience. What we have in store is an array of different psychedelic, multicolored ensembles that all feature their own unique groovy style and individual flair. We have Hippie getups for children, teens, men, and women! So even if you plan to become a part of a jingle-jangle family band for Halloween we have a costume for everyone!

Do you wish you could relive the times of the summer of love and Woodstock '69? Where the music and fashion was hip and everyone was out to feel good? Well then we have a set of outfits that will help you relive these far-out times and bring to life the spirit of the nineteen sixties! With our pick of bell bottom pants and open shirts with colorful swirls all over it you'll have one groovy-dude on your hands. If you're a lady, looking to get something with some sassy style then check out what we have when it comes to 60s and Gogo dresses. For every outfit we have in store we also have a gorgeous, colorful accessory to pair it with, everything from bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, and even flower and peace symbol appliqués. The Volkswagen van won't leave you in the dust when you're looking for a ride dressed up in one of our Hippie outfits.

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