Native American Accessories

Saddle up your steed and ride off into the night. The cowboy/Indian accessories are exactly what you need to become an Indian hunting varmint or prepare to scalp an enemy's head, depending on which side you choose. The fantasy of this classic make believe game comes to life with Western hats and riding boots and Indian moccasins and scary tomahawks.

Playing pretend just isn't the same when you don't have the right props, so high tail it to pick up some of the featured Western accessories. The components of a real life cowboy include: spurs, bandanas, sheriff badges, leather vests, and more. Their Native American counterparts come with: drums, bow and arrows, headdresses, hunting knives, plus a host of other traditional American Indian items that we offer in our wide selection. As the battle rages amongst these all or nothing characters. a gun holster is an essential attachment, just as the feathered spear is for the Indian. And no peace can be made between these two enemies without an authentic Native American peace pipe, and what would a genuine look be without fringe chaps? The ladies can have fun playing cowboys and Indians too with cowgirl hats and Native American fringe leggings to swindle the onlooking rustler and trap him in the hut.

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