Mens Native American Costumes

These rugged Indian costumes for men can be considered controversial by many but for Halloween (or Thanksgiving) it's all meant in good fun. These traditional indigenous outfits are a great way to look cool but to also to stir up some conversation. Be brave.

As the original tribes inhabiting the Americas, Native Americans have long possessed a rich and strikingly unique culture. These tribes, above all, believe in living in harmony with nature and respecting the land and its occupants. These famous cultures have introduced to the world many ideas on how to live off the land. These famous contributions include things like arrowheads, farming techniques, teepees, wigwams, peace pipes, tobacco and canoes. The tribes of America have a worldwide presence, inspiring famous films like Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves and Last of the Mohicans. These cultures are particularly famous for their clothes which are unique to each tribe. Living off the land, their clothing often features natural elements like animal pelts, feathers, decorative stones like turquoise and ornate stitching patterns.

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