Native American Women

This Halloween pay tribute to some of history's most spiritual and resourceful people when you wear one of these women's Indian costumes! One of the ongoing cultural influences of these indigenous people is their distinct style. Native Americans continue to be remembered for always using everything that was available to them. That meant, in the past, that this group would repurpose deer skins and turn them into dresses and that they would take leather and transform it into moccasins.

As a result of this resourcefulness, their fashions featured earthy tones like tans, browns, and grays. The women would also embellish their ensembles with distinct patterns and use intricate techniques like weaving, beading, and feathering to create unmistakable styles for each tribe. Often beads and shells adorned their garb in order to represent one's stature within their tribe. Native Americans have always been known for their relationship with nature and their respect for the land and all of its inhabitants. As a result, it is no surprise that this collection also includes several wolf costumes. Wolves have always been considered sacred by these indigenous people because they emphasized the importance of family and are considered to be spiritual beings. Whether you're looking embrace your inner Pocahontas this Halloween, or are in need of an outfit for your upcomin costume party

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