Jasmine Costumes

Take a trip on the magic carpet and dress up as Jasmine this Halloween. Jasmine is the spunky princess from Disney’s Aladdin. We all know the story of Aladdin, the prince who wishes through the Genie that he can be rich to wow the princess of Agrabah. The two fall in love and even when she realizes he lied to her, the two make up and marry anyway. Jasmine is a great role model to women and young girls, which means she is the ultimate Disney princess and the greatest pick for your little girl’s costume this year!

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Jasmine is just as beautiful as she is smart, which is why any of these Jasmine licensed Disney costumes are sure to do the same for you. Women can be sultry with a spin on Jasmine’s classic look with Arabian Princess and Sassy Jasmine costumes. Girls can aspire to be the princess of Agrabah with classic Disney and Prestige Disney costumes. Wigs are available to get Jasmines dark, long hair and come in sizes for children and women. Complete the look with tiaras and wands for girls. Every girl wants to be a princess, so be Jasmine, the sassy Arabian princess with all these costume varieties.

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