Joker Costumes

The Joker is Batman's arch nemesis but even more so, he is a psychopath with a twisted sense of humor who is bent on wreaking havoc in Gotham City. He is a career criminal who fell into a vat of toxic waste. The accident disfigured his face, bleached his skin and turned his hair green. The result of his injuries gave him a scary clown appearance, hence the name, The Joker. The Joker costumes are part of the line of officially licensed DC Comics product.

In the old Batman TV series, the Joker was quite the evil trickster, but in the movies, there was nothing humorous about this evil villain. Become the purely sadistic evil doer for Halloween - get The Joker Costume! We know that on the inside, you are as sweet as Halloween candy. That's what makes being The Joker even more fun. Once a year we can pretend to be a villain. After all, not every body wants to be the super hero.

The deluxe Joker Costume features a the Joker's purple jacket with an attached shirt, tie and green vest. The matching pants andThe Joker mask are also included. Other versions exist where the mask is sold separately in case you want to do your own make-up. For that we sell an official The Joker makeup kit.

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