KISS Costumes

This Halloween, dress as a heavy partying hard rocker with our fun KISS Costumes. These face painted, fire breathing band members are known for their outrageous and bombastic stage antics and their heavy riffs. If you've been a die-hard KISS fan or just think their makeup and get ups make for a fun Halloween costume, then browse through our collection of KISS ensembles and select the perfect one for you.

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Kiss premiered back in 1973 and rose to prominence in the mid and late '70's before creative differences and constant lineup changes affected their popularity in the early 1980's. In their prime, KISS scored several hits and gained the reputation of a top flight live act with all of their shock rock stage tricks. They were known to spit blood and fire, set smoke bombs off inside their own guitars, and raise their drum set into the air. Hits like "Rock and Roll All Night," and "Calling Dr. Love," have made them radio favorites as well. Their antics and songs aside, KISS is most well known for their makeup and outfits, which makes them perfect Halloween costume ideas.

We offer outfits to cover all of the KISS members, The Demon, Catman, Space Ace, and The Star Child. We offer KISS costumes for kids and adults and both men and women. We sell everything you need to dress as a member of KISS; we offer their outfits, KISS makeup kits, and KISS masks and wigs.

With their in your face attitude and their dark and outlandish attire, a KISS Costume and face makeup is the perfect idea for Halloween if your a longtime fan.

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