Leatherface Costumes

Leatherface is a creepy serial killer known for his appearances in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. He is based off a real person, Ed Gein, who was a real life serial killer who wore people’s skin as a mask. Even worse? His family, who also adorned themselves with human remains. Leatherface and his family have been terrorizing movie goers for ages and you can terrorize everyone at your next party or horror con with Leatherface costumes and accessories!

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Leatherface accessories include a mask that’s sure to terrorize everyone and a chainsaw that will have your friends and family running for the hills. The mask is leathery and lifelike, making it just like it came from the movie. While the chainsaw isn’t real, it’s 27 inches which means it’s enough to hack someone’s limb off. While the mask and chainsaw may be for do it yourself-ers, the entire costume is sure to turn heads (or chop them off.) Complete with the butchers apron, you can scare the limbs off of everyone around.

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