Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Jump into the fairy tale world for your next Halloween or theme party, and encourage your little girl to do the same. Use your imagination and recall one of your favorite childhood stories, Little Red Riding Hood. Immerse yourself in the world of Red, her Granny, and the terrorizing Big Bad Wolf. You and your daughter can both become part of the story by checking out our great selection of Little Red Riding Hood costumes.

The story begins with Little Red Riding Hood traveling through the woods, on her way to bring food to her ill grandmother. Along her travels, a mean wolf follows her and wants to eat both Red and the food in her basket. The Big Bad Wolf approaches her in the woods and she tells him where she is headed, to which he suggests she pick some flowers for her Granny. While Red is distracted, the wolf makes his way to Granny's house, where he eats Red's grandmother whole. When Red finally arrives at Granny's, the wolf poses as her grandmother and eats her, too. But while the wolf is asleep, a lumberjack comes to the rescue and cuts the wolf open to set Red and her Granny free.

With our costumes, you can dress up as either Little Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf, and your daughter can portray the protagonist with one of our adorable outfits. With her red hood and gingham basket, your little girl will be all ready to bring some treats to Granny - but she will listen to her mother and not stray from the path through the woods. And she will not talk to any strangers along the way.

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