Mad Hatter Costumes

We don't know why a raven is like a writing desk, but we do know that you will look great in one of our Mad Hatter costumes for kids or adults. The Mad Hatter is the wild host of the tea party in Alice in Wonderland. Over the years, this eccentric character has been given many different designs from posh to peculiar. Actors like Johnny Depp have portrayed this hat maker in lively ways that make him a popular dress-up choice for men and women alike.

There are adaptations for Mad Hatter ensembles in both men's and women's styles. A men's suit typically features the signature jumbo top hat with the 10/6 price tag still attached. Ladies renditions of the Mad Hatter are often more feminine versions of the suit men's outfits use. Some women's ensembles feature a frilly skirt and coattails. A mini top hat is sometimes swapped with the typical jumbo stove pipe look. The tea party aspect of the character is often played up with tea cup appliques and accessories. Even if your purchased Mad Hatter style doe s not come with tea party items, you can always enhance the look yourself with accessories like tea cups, spats, boots, and white gloves. For a crazed Alice in Wonderland look, add a crimped wig to your outfit. You can also purchase a top hat a la carte to create your own unique style.

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