Girl's Medieval & Renaissance Costumes

Practice your lute playing and formal courtesies because it's time for a royal feast! All of the choices in the discounted girl's Renaissance costume section will guarantee your daughter looks the part of a proper lady at the annual themed fair inspired by the Golden Age or her school's Halloween party. Every girl loves dressing up as a Queen or Princess, and here you can find outfits for both Kids and Tweens so your daughter can feel royal on Halloween no matter what her age.

There are dresses in an array of colors, designed in the classic old world style with high waist lines, puffy shoulders, capes and long sleeves. Whether her favorite color is pink, purple, blue or red, she can find an ensemble that's perfect for her. Once she's all dressed up, accessorize with a crown and jewels and she'll look so beautiful she would have inspired Leonardo da Vinci to paint her portrait, or Donatello to model a sculpture after her! Not only are the dresses in this collection great for Halloween, but they're also a must have for spending the day at the Renaissance Fair. When brave Knights spot your daughter rooting for them from the crowd during the joust, they'll be determined to win!

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