Women's Medieval & Renaissance Costumes

This Halloween, celebrate Europe's cultural rebirth with one of our women's Renaissance costumes! Bridging the Middle Ages to modern history, the Renaissance is a period that has gone down in history for its developments in art, science, and fashion.

Women at the time were known for wearing long dresses that had a corset-like style. Beyond that, ensembles tended to vary depending on a lady's class. The higher one's social status was, the less practical their look. The highest ranked women at the time would wear skirts that were voluminous. Their empire waist skirts would keep their shape thanks to large hoops made of wire. The low necklines of their garb were adorned with ruffles and lace, while their sleeves were embellished with ribbons. Darker colors, which had previously been designated to the lower classes, were adopted to better show off the jewels of these higher ranked women. The fashion of women of a lower status focused on a functionality, featuring tighter sleeves and thinner, ankle-length gowns. Consider going the historical route this October with a look that pays homage to one of the time's most memorable women, such as former Queen of France and Navarre, Marie Antoinette, or French martyr, Joan of Arc. Both are remembered as powerful women of this period. Pop culture has allowed us to remember these women as well as some of the most popular fictitious characters associated with this time, like Shakespeare's iconic titular character, Juliet, and heroic outlaw Robin Hood, as well as his lady in waiting, Maid Marian.

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