Medusa Costumes

Whether you are a mythology buff or not, our collection of Medusa costumes will still grab your interest for their great look and quality. The ancient story varies, but essentially she was a once beautiful woman who angered a goddess. She was consequently transformed into a hideous creature and her hair was turned into snakes. Part of the legend is that she became so ugly that a single glance could turn a person into stone. Even though, according to the story, her appearance was not appealing, yours will be much different. In fact, you will look fantastic in whatever Medusa outfit you choose from our supply.

Medusa is portrayed as both a monstrous-looking being and a man seducing siren. Whichever version you want to believe in and use as inspiration for your costume, we have an outfit to fulfill it. This is a great choice for women because even though most think of her as an unattractive figure, she still has fabulous femininity to her character. This is shown off with the long, toga-like dresses that each look starts off with, but each one we carry is a different variation. There are ones that depict her as a serpent queen and others that bring out the sexy seductress in her. Another one even makes her seem dark and a little sinister. The versatility of her character will be so much fun for you to play around with. As there are ensembles to fit every taste, there are regularly sized and plus sized versions to fit all body types too.

To complete your Medusa-themed attire, there are great wigs to add. There are serpent headpieces included with some of the looks we carry, but take things over the top for your big night out. These dreadlocked wigs will give you a head full of snake-like hair. Without a doubt, everyone you come across will instantly recognize your character even if you are not wearing snakes to decorate your wig.

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