Michael Jackson Costumes

He was known as the King of Pop, the man who gave us the moonwalk, and as one of the most controversial musicians of all time. Become him this Halloween by choosing from one of our incredible Michael Jackson costumes. After all, if there was one man who understood the meaning of a good Thriller, it was this icon.

Michael Jackson started out as the little cutie in the Jackson 5, a singing group comprised of himself and his four brothers. At five years old, Michael took to the stage and belted out tunes in a voice that had the world captivated. During his early 20s, Michael enjoyed solo fame as a disco singer. His success continued in the 80s when he came out with his renowned Thriller album during which time he revolutionized fashion with his red leather jacket, music videos with his elaborate movie-like plots, and dancing with a move called "the moonwalk." His success followed him well into the 90s, and he continues to be one of the most loved pop stars of all time.

Whether you like to poke fun at the goofy behavior Michael was known for exhibiting during his more controversial years or love to mimic his dance moves, we can help you get his look right. Our selection of Michael Jackson inspired costumes are available for kids, men, and women. You'll find some of his most recognizable looks including military style jackets, an official version of his Thriller jacket, his Billie Jean outfit, and that unforgettable sparkly glove on this site.

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