A hero is what the world needs and your son aspires to be one. He wants to be all he can be and with a little imagination and the right uniform its easy. Enlist your son to be part of a global force for good and select military Halloween costume from the boy's section! You're little GI Joe can have fun as a soldier while safely playing in your neighborhood.

Almost every service branch of the United States Armed Forces are represented in our selection, so the choice is up to your son. He can choose from being a Navy Seal to a U.S. Marine. Supply your son with the necessary accessories and makeup to go along with the ensemble. Before you know it, he will be able to serve his country and fight for all that is good. It would be ideal for any military themed party, your son gets invited to, or Halloween. Not only can you choose which branch of the military your son wants to be apart of, but you can choose which time era he wants to serve in. Your son can fight for the Confederates or the Union in the Civil War. He can even serve alongside George Washington as a Revolutionary War soldier. These attires would be perfect for any costume occasion or a school play; your son can be part of history. We have, also, included more military choices than that of the U.S. Armed Forces. Your son can, truly, fight off evil, in camouflage, as a ninja.

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